They may have only been a band for just over a year but London’s Zoax have already captured a lot of attention, and now with the release of debut EP XIII on Siege of Amida Records the band are finally able to bring to the masses what those who have been lucky enough to see them live and those who discovered debut single ‘Bitter Angry Fake’ have known since last year.

Opening with the aforementioned single, XIII displays the sound of a band far more experienced than the age of Zoax suggests, drawing on the members’ respective pasts in Rise To Remain, Time Is A Thief amongst others. Current single ‘Burn It To The Ground’ then picks up from where the first track left off, both tracks were made for making packed rooms shake. ‘High and Mind Games’ take a brief change in direction, allowing for a darker spell and a pause in the ferocity of the band’s attack, before Mind Games picks the tempo back up and brings the EP to an explosive close.

XIII is a twenty-minute exploration of dynamics, smooth intervals, and in your face post-hardcore, offering something for fans of anyone from Sikth, to Glassjaw, to Alexisonfire. Along With label mates The Safety Fire (Dez from the band produced XIII), and the much anticipated returns of Bury Tomorrow and Architects, Zoax prove that the UK metal scene is enjoying its strongest spell in years and is finally presenting a proper challenge to the American invasion that has occurred over the past decade.

It may only be 5 tracks long but XIII has all the snap and bite necessary to keep listeners asking for more while allowing space for the band to grow and mature, creating a sense of intrigue and excitement that will hopefully be answered by an album in the not too distant future.