Saint Raymond is the Nottingham singer-songwriter who just won’t quit and is no stranger to the On Record team, as seen by our reviews of all the EPs he’s put out over the past year. His twitter feed is typical of anyone of his age group with the occasional casual mention of heading off to LA for a week and pictures of him hanging out with the Haim girls. His third EP, Ghosts, is a perfect example of the summery pop sound he does best, mixed with a couple of surprises that are the reason people keep on coming back.

A reworking of ‘Everything She Wants’ originally from the Escapade EP opens up Ghosts, a summery light hearted sound filling the air and the atmosphere. The sound is also one that he consistently polishes with each release and this record is no exception to that. The repetition of “You’re still the girl who rules my heart, I’m still the boy to tear it all apart”  throughout the bridge of the track makes it catchy as hell and one you’ll think of blasting on those lazy hazy summer days that are on the horizon. The track encapsulates exactly the kind of quality music you can come to expect from Saint Raymond and proof that he never disappoints.

‘Brighter Days’ is a laid-back song, the afro-pop tune and addictive drumbreat reminiscent of The 1975. The lyrics seem a little down which contradicts the carefree vibe being put out by the song but it leaves the listener with an air of hope, that if they dance and sing along to this track, then all the sad things won’t matter anymore. It’s a dichotomy to the following live recording of English Rose, a cover of The Jam, which is far more contemplative and slow, and shows how easily Saint Raymond can adapt to different styles, despite often sticking to his signature upbeat sound.

‘Ghosts’ is the last song of the bunch, and definitely one to get the crowd dancing as we saw in person at his most recent tour. The song is perfect for the upcoming festival crowds, not to mention the crowds to come with his incredible upcoming opportunity to support Ed Sheeran. The infectious anthem had the repeated lyric “I’ll be right round round, darling won’t you keep me warm” being sung along to by a sold out room of people who had never even heard it before, something truly incredible but not that shocking with the pure talent and rising star that is Saint Raymond.