The Cab are not the band they were back when they formed in 2004, but that definitely does not make them any less extraordinary – something that is brought to attention with their latest release, an EP entitled Lock Me Up.

Originating in Las Vegas, Nevada, the band’s lineup nowadays only features one of the founding members, lead singer Alex DeLeon, along with bassist Joey Thunder, drummer Dave Briggs and guitarist Chantry Johnson, who have all been pretty M.I.A. for the past year or so. Statements were made that the band were in the studio, but they kept the details of the EP under wraps in order to create more of a buzz upon its release. Teaser videos were posted to the band’s Instagram account with snippets of one or two songs, along with a date – April 29th. At first fans were under the illusion that it was a single, but information that was later announced revealed it was a release of five songs. Lock Me Up is The Cab’s first new material since their sophomore album Symphony Soldier in 2011.

The first song, eponymous with the title of the EP, immediately shows that The Cab are going in an entirely different direction musically from their older records. While their fans are no strangers to this, considering Symphony Soldier showed the same move of difference from their debut album Whisper Wars, it still incited anticipation for what the band had up their sleeves. This track is your typical, run-of-the-mill ‘dirty love song’ that is actually a familiar lyric theme in The Cab camp, but with elements of soul and a big chorus that is incredibly catchy, it stands out from its predecessors. Throw in the slow but sure guitar solo and it’s a solid offering that has gone down well with the band’s worldwide fan base.

Next up is ‘Moon’, which is an entirely different flavour from what once was, with its dance-pop vibe and out of this world lyrics. Sounding like something that belongs on a top 40 chart show but still showcasing The Cab’s ability to rock out is a unique feat; while it’s made of mostly of electronic beats behind DeLeon’s revolutionary, Justin Timberlake-esque vocals, there’s still that underlying guitar riff that widens their potential audience due to overlapping genres.

‘Stand Up’ proves to be an anthem set to inspire whoever happens to listen to it, with its lyrics instructing “when they knock you down, kid, you gotta stand up.” With no specific setting, listeners can relate to it however they chose while the band themselves are likely referring to their rather turbulent career and how they are essentially rising from the ashes.

This EP is far from consistent in its sound but it’s something that works, providing the fans who have been waiting a long time for new material with a taste of what is to come in The Cab’s future, including experimentation with different sounds. It highlights the band’s strength and capability when it comes to bouncing back from things that have gone wrong along the way. Overall, Lock Me Up is nothing but impressive; its not only managed to capture back the hearts of The Cab’s fan base but also soar up the iTunes charts, which is never something to scoff at.

If that isn’t enough to convince you that this is a great record that belongs in your music library, here’s what a couple of The Cab’s fans had to say about it…

“The Cab are very much like soldiers, they have fought many battles to be the musicians they have become today. Lock Me Up is a fine example that they have won the war and this is the musical direction they were born to take.” – Tracey McIntyre, Scotland

“I’m in love with the new sound and I’ve had it on repeat for days. My favourites are definitely Stand Up and These Are The Lies but the EP has a little bit of everything.” – Georgina Dolan, New Zealand

“It’s simply amazing. I love the new sound and how their music has grown. It’s their best work to date. Great music and great lyrics.” – Matilda Wrigsjö, USA/Sweden