Norfolk six-piece Deaf Havana are back after the release of their critically acclaimed album Old Souls late last year with their single ’22’. The EP also features two brand spanking new songs, which will have fans excited and newbies wondering why they have only just caught on to a band this good.

First on the EP is ’22’, a song featured on their first top ten album Old Souls about the harsh life of touring. It’s no secret that the band like to party, and with lyrics such as “Why do I do this to myself?” it’s clear that the heavy drinking is taking it’s toll on them. But don’t let this message put you off the song, as its catchy lyrics and amazing vocals by lead singer James Veck-Gilodi is enough to make this song one of the best Deaf Havana have released.

Up next is ‘Kings Road Ghosts’, another song from Old Souls in an acoustic form. With nothing but an acoustic guitar and Veck-Gilodi’s recognisable vocals, this track fits perfectly with the message this EP seems to convey – getting older.

The first of the two new tracks on this EP is the light-hearted ‘Drive All Night (English Hearts)’, which will certainly be a crowd pleaser with a clapping beat, and a couple “whoa” moments perfect for singing along to at gigs. As the song develops, maracas and “arriba” style chanting is introduced, making this song one to add to the summer playlist.

Last but by no means least comes ‘Whiskey’, another stripped back acoustic song. This song is the perfect example of why Matthew Veck-Gilodi, James’ brother, is now in Deaf Havana. Their ability to harmonise beautifully adds yet another thing to the list of what Deaf Havana are amazing at. The honest lyrics written by James sang with such emotion in this song is validation of why Deaf Havana are a band you simply cannot ignore.