The extended play is an unloved format. Everyone has their favourite album or single, whereas devotion to an EP is rarer. If you were asked to name a world-beating EP, what would you say? Think for a second. The only ones that personally come to mind are You Made Me Realise, Come On Pilgrim and Spiral Scratch. Though the format doesn’t have its own Revolver, what the EP does extremely well is demonstrate within 7-15 minutes whether the band is worth your precious time – whether you can be excited about a possible full length in the near future.

Hora Douse have already released a 11 minute dose of themselves in the form of their 2013 self-titled EP that made ripples, but was hardly world-beating. Perhaps feeling bad for wasting your time last time around, the upcoming Crash EP is a nippy 8 minutes long, and all the better for it. The kind of noise that Hora Douse specialise in is indebted to 90’s alternative rock, with an undercurrent of emo and math rock. Band like Mineral, early Deftones and Sunny Day Real Estate are good reference points.

Crash‘s first two tracks, the title track and ‘Bored’, rush by in two minutes apiece. On their previous release the songs, though interesting to listen to, suffered from a lack of energy. This has been remedied by taking what they had (time signature shifting alt rock) and increasing the tempo to Bad Brains speed. Lead track ‘Bored’ is a mini-anthem with similar themes to Fugazi’s ‘Waiting Room’: a mixture listlessness and anger at aforementioned listlessness (“Now something’s got to change/my mind is set on rage”). Final track ‘Speak’ is more considered, with a slower tempo and with its impressive instrumental close makes one think of Biffy’s Blackened Sky. All in all, a promising follow up to a mediocre debut. The time to get excited about the hopefully upcoming album is now.


Crash is available now everywhere, you can stream it below through their bandcamp.