Late March, Death March, the third EP taken from Frightened Rabbit’s latest album Pedestrian Verse (which peaked at number nine in the UK chart), follows Frightened Rabbit’s trend of releasing EPs which give the listener something new, and is certainly worth checking out. The EP consists of five tracks: ‘Late March, Death March’, ‘Architect’, an alternative version of ‘Late March, Death March’, and live versions of both ‘December’s Traditions’ and ‘The Oil Slick’.

The title single comes straight from the album, and is a solid track, if less impressive than the previous singles ‘Backyard Skulls’, ‘The Woodpile’ and the incredible ‘State Hospital’. It is after this, however, that the EP comes alive. ‘Architect’ is a track created by leading men Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit and Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull. Released on Record Store Day 2013, the track is a favourite among fans of both bands, leading many to speculate the prospect of further collaborations in the future. Hutchinson and Hull work exquisitely together, with their vocals in particular shining on this special track.

Prior to listening, you could be forgiven for thinking the alternative version of ‘Late March, Death March’ would simply be an acoustic version of the lead single. In reality, the band have made a big effort to make a true alternative, much like they had in the Backyard Skulls EP. This only adds power to the EP, because the band have shown a true dedication to both their music and their fans. The recording quality of the two live tracks, ‘December’s Traditions’ and ‘The Oil Slick’ is superb and once again showcases the quality of the band, and gives a taste of what you can expect if you were to attend one of their shows.

Late March, Death March is certainly worth listening to. The title single may offer less than the previous singles, but the remainder of the EP – led by ‘Architect’ – is a huge hit.