With songs, like with people, there are extroverts and introverts. Some songs are there to motivate, to energise, to dance to. While other songs are created to sit around to, to think things over, to make you feel okay with your loneliness. At a time when the new-wave of pop-punk is becoming near indistinguishable from the so-called emo revival, the only different still seems to be that emo is interested most of all with introverted tracks. If there’s one label that knows emo better than anyone else, it’s Jade Tree who are releasing the new You Blew It! EP Pioneer of Nothing.

With its intricate, lullaby-like guitar riff anthemic lead track ‘Lanai’ sounds nothing like its Hawaiian island namesake, painting instead in Autumnal tones. With its distorted ‘Lucky Denver Mint’-eque drum outro and the chorus lyric “I’ve made up my mind/Time won’t fix this” will come as gentle comfort to those in need, especially those that need a track three for their mixtape.

‘Bedside Manor’ continues the mood, complimented with considered yet powerful “woah-oo”s and a subtly epic chorus. The EP is rounded off in ultra-introverted form with the slow-burning ‘Your Side’. Pioneer of Nothing is exactly what its title presumes. It was never meant to change the world but on a dark hollow night when you don’t know who you are, it’s 9 minutes are companionship enough.