With the UK pop punk scene on the rise, Liverpool’s WSTR (formerly Waster) can be nothing but proud of their new release SKRWD. With head banging riffs and catchy hooks these guys are standing strong and here to stay.

This bright, life-enhancing masterpiece was produced by none other than Seb Barlow, at Celestial Recordings (Neck Deep, Homebound, ROAM). From the second opener ‘South Drive’, kicks in listeners are left fumbling for the “add to playlist” button while they simultaneously swing themselves round the house losing themselves in the track. The heartfelt lyrics from vocalist Sammy Clifford show the true passion and effort WSTR have put into this release which will no doubt be welcomed by the pop punk scene with open arms.

Its great to see a band whom truly love the music they write which becomes apparent from Sammy who says “I think our music reflects the music we love, yet it’s got an edge to it that doesn’t distance itself from what the genre has evolved into today.”

‘Fair Weather’ offers an upbeat, punchy tune from the offset for those with an appetite while their pre-released single ‘Graveyard Shift’ provides a connectable, body bouncing track which will leave you work knowing by the 3rd time you’ve heard it. Obviously when a new band emerges comparisons are drawn; so with that in mind, weather you’re a fan of old school pop punk or new wave there it no doubt there’s a song you’ll love on here.

Brainsick brings back an old school feel to the album sending the listener in a time machine back to the early 2000’s although the chorus nicely incorporates a slightly more modern edge to the track. Through and through pop punk tune ‘Aint Great’ so the full song writing ability of the band and while is theme does reminisce with the likes of ‘Neck Deeps recent Lifes Not Out to Get You’ there’s no denying it’s a awesome song.

The intense start to closing tack ‘Devils N Demons’ will leave you wanting more from the band. The synth-sounding guitar through the intro doesn’t take away at all from the overall ferocity of the track. The chorus will once again leave you with a saw neck from excessive head banging but hey, I’m sure you wont be complain at all by the time you’ve finished off this record.

WSTR have firmly planted their roots in the pop punk scene and it doesn’t look like they’ll be off the radar any time soon. They offer songs that can be enjoyed by both fans of the new and the old so weather you love Sum 41 or Neck Deep there’s something for everyone.

SKRWD is available September 4th through No Sleep Records, check out their video for ‘Graveyard Shift’ below.

[rating: 4.5]