The first track on this EP, titled ‘If I Was To’, combines a classic deep house feel with a jump-up vibe, alluring to inspiration from Disclosure, with strong similarities to their work. ‘Hazed’, takes a slightly different approach, making use of soft sounds and emphasising the offbeat groove of the drums, demonstrating a varied production approach between both tracks.

The remixes on offer with this EP come from Mono/Poly (Brainfeeder Records) and EL-B (Ghost Recordings). EL-B’s remix of ‘If I Was To’ has a distinct, classic garage sound, making it a perfect summer track, whilst Mono/Poly’s remix of ‘Hazed’ incorporates the slow elements of the original track, but adds his signature effects and lead sounds to the mix.

The EP has a diverse range of musical genres, but the two stand out tracks are in the form of the remixes supplied from EL-B and Mono/Poly, which really make the entire release shine. Every track on this record demonstrates a high level of production, and makes this EP well worth a listen.


You can buy the EP here, check out the title track ’If I Was To’ below.