Senses Fail - In Your Absence
3.5Overall Score

For the past 15 years, Senses Fail been a staple in post-hardcore, being one of the scenes most celebrated and popular bands. However they have never attempted an acoustic record, and this EP holds such a strong personal message as singer Buddy Nielsen explained the five song record as mostly about his wife’s battle with Multiple Sclerosis and the thoughts of losing her prematurely.

Whilst ‘Jets To Peru’ starts off hopefully with joyful guitar instrumentals swooning straight into a chorus that’ll have you singing along even if it’s your first listen, title track ‘In Your Absence’ is quite the opposite. Filled with angst and a symphony of string instruments creating a dusky and blue aesthetic, “can we make a pact? If one of us dies, the other one will do, because I can’t stand living in this world without you.” Is quite the poignant first line.

‘Family Tradition’ tells the tale of having the traits of a parent you never knew “Forgive me, I inherited this, from I stranger I’ll never miss.” The song flows away from the prior tracks sole storylines, but still goes back to the title In Your Absence, with Nielsen speaking of being too much like the dad he never knew; “I wish I could drain out his half of blood in me, but I’d still have his face.” Final track ‘Lost And Found’ juxtaposes the first track, what seemed all hopeful at the start has now landed into a tale of loss and loneliness.

This EP covers just under 20 minutes of acoustic storylines, each track uniquely captures what Nielsen is going for. It is quite the difference to what fans of old are used to but easily accessible due to Nielsen’s vast spectrum of personal memories and thoughts that thoroughly bring this EP to life regardless of the strong topic of death.