Kate Nash - Agenda
4.0Overall Score

When people think of Kate Nash, they no doubt think of ‘Foundations’. She hit a home run with the sleeper hit, but there is so much more to the British singer-songwriter than you may think. She’s only had two full-length releases since Made of Bricks and it’s been four years since her last, Girl Talk, but Nash has just dropped an EP entitled Agenda that sees her head down paths previously untravelled.

Nash has a more refined range these days, hitting notes that her 2007 counterpart could only dream about. First track ‘Call Me’ is incredibly performed, showcasing the brilliant vocals she now possesses. Nash may have evolved over the years, but she’s still the queen of indie pop and this record certainly proves it. The typical love track finishes, leading in to the EP’s eponymous track which gets in to the nitty gritty as she describes modern day political issues such as riots and airstrikes. Lyrically, this is the strongest Nash has ever been and she deserves all the commendation in the world for using her platform to make the masses listen.

Agenda is the first of Nash’s material to be released on her own label, Girl Gang Records. This likely means that she had full creative control and it serves the EP well. ‘One Eye’ is very reminiscent of bands like The Supremes and The Ronettes, using simply repetitive melodies and harmonised vocals to create a pseudo-vintage listening experience. It’s no surprise that Nash is inspired by the sound of the 60s, if her aesthetic is anything to go by.

The EP closes with ‘My Little Alien’, a semi-acoustic gem of a track that focuses, for the most part, on Nash’s vocals. It’s the perfect closer; it’s emotionally moving and yet again sees her paying homage to the powerful women of decades past.

Kate Nash may have flown under the radar following her huge commercial success in the late 2000s, but she’s now geared up to take on the world once more and this record is her ammunition.