Independent Belgian label Pelican Fly rarely disappoint with their eclectic choice of releases from the likes of Mister Tweeks, Cosmic Revenge and fan favourite, Cashmere Cat. The Saddest Show In Town from French DJ and producer Sam Tiba is no exception to this rule.

Separating him from the crowd with this moody-yet-mellow release sees Tiba evolve and mature his sound further, adding more styles to his melting pot of influences. A wide variety of these influences are audible in the tracks, although because they are so neatly woven together, it doesn’t appear forced in the slightest, which gives an unfamiliar, yet recognisable aperture to the sound.

The opening and title track sets the mood for this EP, with a hazy, warped trip-hop sound, vaguely reminiscent of Flume’s debut, that continues throughout all four tracks.

It isn’t until track two, U Lookin for a Title and All U Think About Is That Other Person So U Name It Me & Her, that this release really begins to shine. A melancholic jazzy piano piece dances over a tight drum beat, while intricate vocal sample work adds emotion as well as direction to the track.

The final two tracks Eldorado and Things Life (which features fellow Club Cheval artist Canblaster) stray away from not only the sound of this EP, but from Tiba’s sound in general, with soulful vocoded vocals that lay perfectly on top of his complex and captivating instrumentals. 

This release is well worth checking out as it’s engaging from start to finish, and in the words of Pelican Fly themselves, “it’s all about the fountain of vibes”.