Alice Glass - Alice Glass
5.0Overall Score

As Alice Glass releases her long-anticipated debut EP, onlookers are reminded of a phoenix rising from the ashes. The awful things she has faced have been no secret, and yet she remains as determined as ever to show the world who she really is— not who she was forced to be before, but instead her true, unapologetic self.

The self-titled record sees the songstress delve into territory that is nothing short of heart-wrenching, with the EP’s lead single ‘Without Love’ delving in to her dark past. She proves herself to not only be a brilliant lyricist, but also a powerful singer which might not have been as immediately obvious when listening to Crystal Castles’ material.

Glass has really hit the mark with this one; each track is uniquely excellent, and there is no instance where you may think to yourself that it’s falling flat. If she’s not bringing you to tears with the emotion she’s pumping in to every cut, she’s reminding people that she’s a force to be reckoned as she delivers flawless performances across the board. ‘Forgiveness’ is the gothic electronic anthem that we never knew we needed but we do, while ‘Natural Selection’ is hauntingly industrial and showcases an anger in Glass that makes her all the more human.

Ultimately, Alice Glass can be described best as creative, in the sense that her music is nothing like anyone has ever tried before, but also talented, as she’s able to pull off each and every extremity without breaking a sweat. ‘White Lies’ draws influence from R&B styles of music, then fades in to ‘Blood Oath’, a purely electronic track that will most definitely see a full dance floor when Glass goes on to perform it live.

‘The Altar’ is creepy throughout; Glass sings solo with only very soft backing music, but nothing less can be expected of her. This is her pièce de résistance, the track that defines who she is and where she will be going as she starts this new musical journey. There’s no grand finales, just a vulnerable but absolutely brilliant singer-songwriter who is ready to take on the world.