There’s always been a mild stigma around pop music, that’s it’s not cool or the “right” thing to listen to. This creates an opportunity for artists to step in and right this wrong, and The Weeknd neatly surmises this when talking to TIME in 2015: “I want to make pop cool again, and the only way I can do that is by being ambitious and grand.”.

That’s not for lack of trying though, but unfortunately a lot of artists fall short and get lost amongst the noise of people trying to do the same.

Tommy Newport is one of those rare artists that has emerged triumphant from these crowds with a perfectly executed pop finesse that is indeed both “ambitious and grand”. Mr. Angel is as blissful as the name suggests, with Tommy laying nonchalant swaggering tones over an uplifting and upbeat instrumental that lives the dichotomy of being both refreshingly contemporary and charmingly nostalgic.

The lyrical narrative tells a different story however, balancing the love song aesthetic with complex subject matter:

“Mr. Angel is the story of a person dealing with drug abuse/addiction in the form of a love song. With comparisons to loving and needing “Mr.Angel” the drug and talking to “Mr. Angel” as if it’s someone important in his/her life.  A dark story masked as an upbeat love song to resemble the idea that nobody truly knows what someone is going through because we are great at putting up false personas & masks.”

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