The music world seems to be very transient (pun) nowadays, artists come and go at the drop of a hat which has its positives and negatives. Rather than focus on the negatives, as that’s been well-discussed, let’s focus on a positive; an artist rapidly receiving the recognition they deserve.

Saint Punk is the name, and combined with all the dark and grungey imagery you might think gnarly post-hardcore, perhaps some avant-garde metal? No, but you’re not a million miles away. Equal parts grit, bass and swaggering dance music, Saint Punk is the soon to become the next big thing in bass music.

Recently sharing Guttah, Saint Punk pairs bass music and house with the aggression of angsty rock for an undeniably hard-hitting result.

“I wanted to see how much I could do with bass. Just really make it the focus of the track. When I listen back it makes me feel like I’m riding a nasty wave and I’m about to get slammed into a wall.”

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