Alter Bridge, though a band with little mainstream recognition, have been successful amongst dedicated fans and critics for nearly ten years; powered by their highly regarded and extensive amount of live performances over that time. Formed of extremely talented members, who have all dabbled in their own successful solo projects, Alter Bridge have received much critical praise for their last three albums. September marks the release of their fourth studio album Fortress which includes their latest single ‘Addicted To Pain’.

‘Addicted To Pain’ quickly assures the listener of Alter Bridge’s classic sound, opening with their deep and muddy guitar style that lines many previous albums, before fiercely introducing the rest of the ensemble. Similar to their other works, Myles Kennedy’s powerful voice delivers engaging vocal lines that are backed up with his tightly formed harmonies. It may be because their style sits on the boundary between Rock and Metal, but Alter Bridge can always deliver a sing along chorus without sounding even slightly cheesy, ‘Addicted To Pain’ is no exception. The same with their solos, whether performed by Kennedy or Mark Tremonti, they’re full of well thought out licks that form an amazing final product.

The drums on this piece are quite simple for Scott Phillips, he goes for a fast paced and rhythmically simple style which suits the song and differentiates it from their previous works.

Fortress is out in September, after which Alter Bridge will be on tour with Shinedown and Halestorm.