Ever wondered what a moodier, one-man version of Arcade Fire would sound like? Well Reuben Hollebon seems to have encapsulated that sound perfectly. Although the connection between Hollebon and Arcade fire is very pronounced, that doesn’t seem to restrict his originality.

The track has a rather epic feel about it. A sparse verse overlaid with Hollebons gloomy vocals acts as an introduction to the piece, which as time goes on, grows and grows until you find yourself stuck in the middle of passionate, overwhelming chorus, with tribal style drums seemingly pommeling straight into your heart.

There is a brilliant, natural flow to the whole song; the relaxed, laid-back beginning does not prepare you in the slightest for the drama you are about to encounter. As the tension and despair in Hollebons voice grows, so does your interest, which drags you through emotional turmoil before reaching a glitch-style ending to bring you back down to reality. Hollebon is definitely a name to look out for in the coming months, and check out the track below. You can also get it for free here.