Canterbury have been around for nearly ten years, and after a slow start based on building a strong fan-base, they could now be in for their big break. The boys from Surrey have teamed up with Hassle Records (We Are the Ocean, Alexisonfire) for the next part of their journey, which includes an EP release in September and an album in the near future.

‘Satellite’ is the title track of the upcoming EP, and the latest single since Canterbury’s April release, ‘You Are The One’. ‘Satellite’ showcases the sound Canterbury has been moving towards over the years since their first commercial release in 2009. The song sports fast-paced verses made up of simple vocal lines with more complicated and imaginative melodies chiming in between lines, increasing in frequency as the song develops.

The song’s chorus displays one of the most impressive and unique qualities of Canterbury, and that is the interaction and contrast between their two vocalists, Mike Sparks and Luke Prebble. Prebble’s warmer and lower voice starts the chorus with Sparks singing harmonies in the background, before Sparks takes over the lead part and delivers a higher, more powerful vocal line, rounding off the chorus and bringing it to a tight conclusion.

Canterbury’s EP will be available on the 23rd of September, or the 16th if you pledge towards their album release.