‘Lived A Lie’, released on the second of September, is the lead single off You Me At Six’s upcoming album Cavalier Youth, and their first studio release in over a year. The quintet from Surrey have been on the British rock scene for a while now, consistently releasing material since their debut album in 2008.

You Me At Six’s musical style has progressed slowly since Take Off Your Colours, moving from the light-hearted pop-punk influenced style they began with to the darker and grittier style of their last album, Sinners Never Sleep. The group have remained true to their roots with ‘Lived A Lie’, preserving qualities of their characteristic sound that defined them as a band.

Guitarists Chris Miller and Max Helyer work effectively together in this song, with Miller playing the song’s opening riff while Helyer chimes in with simple licks that compliment Josh Franceschi’s vocal lines. Franceschi has always had a unique sounding voice, one of the largest appeals of You Me At Six’s music. On this song his vocals are better than ever, clear and powerful, very different to the slurred style he used on previous releases.

Overall, the song is a fan pleaser with a big chorus that makes it suitable for the larger venues You Me At Six have become accustomed to over the last few years. Hopefully the rest of the album will be more creative and diverse than its first single, but for now ‘Lived A Lie’ shows promise for the new record and its sound.