Everyone who’s familiar with the Disney film Sleeping Beauty will surely remember the song ‘Once Upon A Dream’. This 2014 rendition by Lana Del Rey is the theme to the upcoming film Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie, which tells the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty from the perspective of the film’s antagonist.

Lana Del Rey’s haunting tones really capture the emotion and underlying themes of revenge and jealousy present in the classic fairy tale. It carries a dark and unsettling tone similar to that of ‘Blue Velvet’, another cover by Lana Del Rey of a song that notably featured in David Lynch’s 1986 film of the same name. Listening to ‘Once Upon A Dream’ will take you back to childhood memories of watching Disney films and singing along to the lyrics, yet this adaptation guarantees that the new film will be much more eerie and sinister.

The 2014 rendition of ‘Once Upon A Dream’ may not be the most traditional as far as Disney theme songs go, however Lana Del Rey has turned a somewhat corny Disney song into a musically respectable future hit. To her fans, this may mean that her new album might not be far around the corner!

The trailer for Maleficent, which comes out at the end of May, can be viewed below. For a limited time, ‘Once Upon A Dream’ is available for free on Google Play.