Trap music took the EDM world by storm in the latter half of 2012, piquing interest with its hybrid of hip hop and dance music flavours, and has only grown since.

An Australian duo spearheading the movement are What So Not, a collaborative venture from Harley Streten; better known as rising electronic artist Flume, and veteran DJ Chris ‘Emoh Instead’ Emerson. What So Not grew to fame in 2012 with their huge future bass remix of Major Lazer’s ‘Get Free’, gaining the attention of big names such as Flosstradamus, Nero and even Diplo himself who would go onto officially release it on his label, Mad Decent.

The duo is back with The Quack, their second original release since then, a strong double A-side. The first, and title track ‘The Quack’ isn’t your regular trap banger. It’s a quirky, tongue-in-cheek track laden with percussive experimentation and a catchy, if not a little humorous duck quack lead line that dances over the powerful 808 bass.

With the aim of separating themselves from the crowd, What So Not focus on experimentation. This point is proven in the second track ‘High You Are’, a groovy deep house hit that pushes boundaries of the genre, while retaining the groove and soul. In the words of What So Not themselves, “The power to make people move, not just fist pump”.

The Quack is out now on OWSLA/Sweat It Out.