You could count the Screaming Maldini songs that are in a conventional time signature on one hand. Luckily, however, they rarely seem to sacrifice simplicity at the expense of sheer catchiness. Now, almost a year after they released their debut album, they’re back.

New single ‘Soweto’ is no exception to their tried and tested formula. I haven’t even tried to fathom out its rhythmic complexities yet, and I’ve also yet to be able to get it out of my head. It’s a masterclass in flamboyant synth-poppy brilliance and, I kid you not, as if to hammer this message home it’s exactly 3 minutes 30 seconds long.

Even after multiple listens, I’m not entirely sure what the relevance of Soweto is. In the first draft of this article I alluded to it like it was some kind of nonsense word, but it’s since been pointed out to me that it is in fact the name of an urban area of Johannesburg in South Africa. If anything, that make things more confusing. However, lyrical opaqueness is not what this band are about; their first single documented the life and times of a “Kookaburra” and they’re called “Screaming Maldini”. If their second album’s called Four Cheers for Sweet Revenge it’ll represent a significant thematic u-turn.

So what am I saying? It’s kind of like if Lewis Carroll was in the bath with ABBA, Alphabeat and Everything Everything and someone threw a trumpet at him. I’m not sure why he’s in the bath, maybe he was a bit Sowet-y? (Get it? Sowet-y? Sweaty? I’ll stop now.)

In short, these are the type of things that start to make sense to you when you listen to Screaming Maldini. So do it right now, stream ‘Soweto’ below and download it, as it’s free for a limited time only on Screaming Maldini’s Bandcamp page.