Cleveland, Ohio’s Runaway Brother have broken a two-year silence with the new two track single Summer/Autumn from their as-yet untitled new album due out this Autumn. The band’s sound is a combination of Piebald’s riff based emo-punk with added synths and The Front Bottoms’ awkward lyricism. Both tracks on the single evoke a breathless, nostalgic sense of summers past, akin to The Ataris’ cover of ‘Boys of Summer’.

Title track ‘Summer/Autumn’ begins unassuming enough, a couple of bars of gentle riffing with each instrument joining one by one, slowly building before soaring skyward for a effervescent chorus complete with do-doos. Then there’s the solo, that starts all Piebald and ends as something the Hold Steady would be proud of. Put simply, the song is very catchy. Other track ‘Xeric’ has a false, slow intro that segues into a folkish, mid-tempo tune about emotional droughts. Either track would be a welcome addition to your summer playlist. Previously, the band had aimless sugar rush energy; these songs are fully focused anthems where their earlier songs were adolescent sketches. Growing up is a musical progression cliché, so they haven’t grown up, they’ve just traded their soda for coffee.