This new release from Utopia Music features Mako & Fields and DLR across two killer new tracks.

The first, ‘Old Soul’, is the combination of all three artists, with clear collaboration all over the track. Mixing ambient melodies with a strong beat in the start, this quickly develops into a heavier drop with echoing vocal overlays. Whilst keeping the down and dirty feel that all bass-lovers have come to enjoy, the overtones of keyboards and higher string samples with vocoders keeps a fresh spin on this.

By the three-minute mark, there’s a hold for the ambient backing to come into a reprise, welcoming the listener to a breather before hitting back into the main tune. There are some dub style swoops in this, warping around the main synth to create an additional sense of rhythm to the track. While there are some tracks in this genre that struggle to keep the listener engaged for a hefty six minutes, it’s in this reviewers opinion that ‘Old Soul’ manages it. With enough layers and styles to fill a floor, but enough breaks to not kill everyone at the same time, it certainly holds its flow very well throughout.

The B-side, titled ‘Bridge The Gap’, is a track from DLR alone. The change in feel is instant, with a far darker opening. It’s clear that this is where ‘Old Soul’ got its dub warps from, as within the first minute of opening, a similar style is heard. This track falls far more into the genre that experienced D’n’B fans will recognise, with repetitive patterns and familiar beats. While still being a hard-hitting track with plenty going on, there’s less of a feeling of ‘freshness’ compared to the release’s A-side. Playing the track through some deep speakers is definitely recommended; the bigger the bass the better. This is the kind of the track for the 4am ‘mid-party’ moment, where everyone’s throwing shapes and raring to continue. The drops are tasty, with some clever sampling going on throughout the track, and with some short vocal excerpts giving some more style to the form.

All in all, this is a great release for those who are looking for a taste of the new mixed with the old. Ready to mix into your decks or simply play off your list, this will keep people dancing away in those early hours where we all know what happens. Released on May 5th, keep your eyes peeled for more from these great artists and this fast emerging new label!