5 Seconds Of Summer shot to fame after their cover videos were discovered by One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, and they were asked to support the boy band on a few tours. Fans crossed over, but what makes the Australian pop rock band so unique is that they’re exactly that… they’re a pop rock band that sound like they’d be a better fit on an All Time Low tour rather than a 1D one. Fortunately for them, the exposure created by touring with such a famous group got them attention from some of rock’s biggest exports— the likes of Alex Gaskarth (of All Time Low), Lower Than Atlantis’ Mike Duce and the producer that everyone is dying to work with, John Feldmann.

They don’t even have an album out but their string of catchy tunes from a couple of EPs is enough to have everyone succumbing to their seemingly magical ways. With an average age of 18, it’s clear this group of wunderkinds are much more than just an overnight sensation with their plans to take the world by storm even more than they already have.

The band’s latest offering is single ‘Don’t Stop’ which will be released June 15th, but a lyric video to the track was posted to YouTube today giving fans the first listen. Much like previous releases the track kicks off with with a driving guitar riff that has you entranced from the get-go, and enticing vocals from Luke Hemmings, the 17 year old that may not be able to drink or vote but he can certainly show a few of his elders a thing or two about how to perform with his slick guitar playing and a voice that really doesn’t sound like it came from someone so young. The chorus following is so captivating that one listen will have it stuck in your head for days. The easy to pick-up lyrics and harmonies that even the most diehard metal fans are sure to like leave 5 Seconds Of Summer as a band that is almost impossible to dislike, what with the fact that they have a little bit of something for everyone within their music.

Sharing vocals with Hemmings is bassist Calum Hood, who’s sugary sweet take on the words quickly prove that he is the Tom Delonge of this band and he takes on that role quite admirably. The contrast between the two vocalists is something that works despite how it might sound, with the lighthearted track only being elevated by the split. It’s Ashton Irwin, the oldest member of the band and drummer that keeps everything in this song tied together with incredible skill, and then, of course, there’s lead guitarist Michael Clifford who’s ability to play throughout the track makes it hard to believe that he’s only 18 years old.

With already a quarter of a million views on YouTube, this track is undoubtedly going to be a number one hit for the band once it is released on iTunes if their insanely supportive fan base get their way — which they will, teenage girls are unstoppable and this is the perfect way for them to showcase that by plugging their favourite band. It might not be the most intricate or rock ’n’ roll song in the world, but 5 Seconds Of Summer are doing what they want to do, and while their very clear pop influence means they have the predictable lyric theme of ‘get the girl’, the quartet manage to make it their own to the point where it’s a song quite unlike anything else – mainly because their One Direction/Blink-182 hybrid roots leave it incredibly difficult to compare their music to anyone else!