On 22nd July, Hot Chip will be bringing out a one-off single entitled ‘Dark and Stormy’, their first release since their massively acclaimed fifth album In Our Heads which came out last year.

Compared to the upbeat vibes and in-your-face attitude of previous singles such as ‘Ready for the Floor’ and ‘One Life Stand’, ‘Dark and Stormy’ instantly feels, as the name would suggest, darker and more restrained. The track slowly builds through the verses before reaching a chorus that feels hopeful yet subdued, as if there were the potential for a euphoric crescendo that has been somewhat restricted. Part way through the track, everything begins to descend into a glitchy mess before continuing where it left off, and carrying on.

From the sound of this track, it seems that Hot Chip are growing up. Or at least, their sound is maturing. ‘Dark and Stormy’ is leaning towards the Kraftwerk end of the electro-spectrum, quite appropriately considering Hot Chip are sub-headlining to Kraftwerk at Latitude Festival this summer. Whether or not this new sound will be reflected in future releases remains to be seen, but it is certainly something that fans could grow to love.