There’s been a lot of speculation over what Cobra Starship have been up to since they released their fourth album Night Shades back in 2011, and most of it involved the quintet having fallen off the face of the earth. Luckily for the Cobra Crew (their aptly named fan club), the band are back in action this week with their brand new single ‘Never Been In Love’which features guest vocals from DJ duo Icona Pop.

One thing that is clear straight off the bat when pressing play on this track is that Cobra are going in a different direction, yet again. No strangers to change, the New Yorkers’ debut album was a fusion of electronic and rock, and every album since then has been more and more embracing of the world of pop music – to the point where by the release of their third album, Hot Mess, they managed to scoop a number one spot with their single ‘Good Girls Go Bad’.

‘Never Been In Love’is reminiscent of Fatboy Slim’s ‘Praise You’with it’s powerful piano opening, before singer Gabe Saporta rocks up in to the mix with vocals that are just on the right side of auto-tuned. Everything offered is clearly electronically produced, which may leave the listener wondering where the other four members of the band fit in, but thankfully there is always a necessity for them during live shows – and hopefully those are soon to come now that Cobra Starship have started up the party once more.

The harmonies between Saporta and Swedish singers Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo of Icona Pop is impressive, and the huge chorus is definitely one that is sure to incite a singalong whether it’s live or in the privacy of your own bedroom, hairbrush microphone in hand. Overall, it’s a great track that is sure to put the band back on the map, and hopefully as time progresses we’ll get to see more of what they have up their sleeves ahead of the release of their fifth album.

Take a listen to the track here!