Back in 2007, Chicago rockers Fall Out Boy were at the height of their game, and bassist Pete Wentz was somewhat of a media mogul what with his involvement in his record label that backed the likes of Panic! At The Disco, Cobra Starship and The Academy Is…, and his own clothing line that became a uniform for the kids who attended Fall Out Boy shows. 2009 saw the quartet take a break from it all, leaving many a teenage girl heartbroken and unable to tell if they were ever going to return.

It was a little out of the blue and a lot spectacular when the band returned early last year, with no previous indication as they released the first single, ‘My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)’, from their most recent album Save Rock And Roll which also saw the light of day by spring. Nobody would’ve expected the band to head in to the studio so soon since that release, but they definitely seem to be making up for lost time as they announced recently that the Save Rock And Roll cycle was over, and they would be releasing a new single.

‘Centuries’ debuted on BBC Radio 1 earlier this evening during Zane Lowe’s slot, and so much hype had been created around it that the DJ even played it twice while Wentz sat in for an interview. We are at first greeted with a decidedly creepy female voice before that ever familiar incredible range that vocalist/guitarist Patrick Stump possesses takes over, and there’s no doubt that even if a Fall Out Boy song, melody-wise, wasn’t up to scratch (though could you really imagine that?), Stump could save it from drowning with his voice alone.

Released through Island Records and also Wentz’ label which recently was renamed from Decaydance Records to DCD2 Records, the intricate lyrics you hear were written by the whole band along with Justin Tranter, lead singer of glam rock band Semi-Precious Weapons. The style of the music itself isn’t much different to what you can hear on Save Rock And Roll, so anyone looking for a throwback to Fall Out Boy’s punk past (AKA first release …Evening Out With Your Girlfriend) is likely to be disappointed, but redeeming qualities like its huge chorus and catchy hook could still have those skeptics on board. It might not be the most rock-infused song the band have ever released, but the sheer talent that Fall Out Boy ooze is clear throughout, leaving listeners with a tune that is exceptionally solid.