The world is awash with pop queens, some gargantuan and some not, some worthy of their place at the top and some not. Yet, amongst the constant release of songs that sound like different versions of the same track, you find a hidden gem.

With a voice that sounds like the love child of Anhoni (Antony and the Jonhsons) and Bjork, if that were at all possible, LA based singer/songwriter/producer Ramsey is unfurling her wonderful blend of ambient trip hop and pop into the soundwaves. Currently a DIY artist, her new single ‘2am’ is a beautifully haunting journey into her unique world.

With a big tip of the hat to Tricky and a slightly smaller one to the likes of London Grammar, ‘2am’ is the type of raw release that you don’t hear too often these days, a track that is refreshing in its simplicity, it really is a song that is all about her voice: passionate yet vulnerable, flawed yet powerful as she sings in a husky whisper “…never forget that you answer to me.”

On this evidence, if any record label came knocking, I think she may well be right!

Hear her single ‘2am’ here.