From First To Last - Make War
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It’s been almost ten years since Sonny Moore made music with From First To Last. He’s better known as Skrillex these days, making waves in the electronic music industry, but has always retained an image inspired by the post-hardcore scene that he originally flourished in. Coinciding with his 29th birthday, it was announced that Moore had reunited with his first band and performed as lead vocalist on their brand new single, ‘Make War’.

Back in August, previous vocalist Spencer Sotelo announced on Twitter that he was no longer part of From First To Last, and hinted that Moore would be reuniting with the group. This sparked months of speculation, with fans highly anticipating what was to come from the band in what is now their 18th year.

The track itself is an incredible return to the limelight, having been co-written by both Moore and band mate, lead guitarist Matt Good. The build-up in each verse is powerful enough to cause goosebumps to its listeners, before diving in to a huge chorus that’s dripping in 2007 nostalgia. There’s plenty of bands around channeling a similar sound, with some even having found large success, but From First To Last are one of the pioneers of this sub-genre— they will have no struggle in winning over the masses if they choose to.

There’s been no statement confirming whether this is just a one-off or if Moore has returned to the band for good, but here’s hoping its the latter. His presence, along with Good, drummer Derek Bloom and guitarist Travis Richter, is nothing short of a ‘holy quaternary’ that could easily do some remarkable things within the scene.