Fall Out Boy - Young and Menace
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Rock heroes Fall Out Boy have released the first single from their upcoming seventh studio album Mania (stylised as M A  N   I    A). They had originally planned to debut the music on Friday 28th April but moved it a day forward, to coincide with lead singer Patrick Stump’s birthday.

There are a number of references made in the song, perhaps the most notable being the lyric, “I think that God is going to have to kill me twice / Kill me twice like my name was Nikki Sixx.” It’s well known the Mötley Crüe bassist’s struggles with drugs have led to him being declared dead by doctors twice, and coming back again. It’s not the first time the band have referred to Mötley Crüe – the title track of their previous effort American Beauty/American Psycho sampled ‘Too Fast For Love,’ with Sixx being credited as a co-writer. Another reference made in the song is a bit more obvious, “Oops I did it again,” being a clear shout out to Britney Spears.

In the run-up to the release, the @falloutboy twitter account posted a black and white picture of Patrick (who was coloured in purple) with the same caption. This prompted some fans into, perhaps jokingly, speculating the announcement would be another release of the song ‘Irresistible,’ this time featuring Britney herself (a jibe at the band doing one basketball-themed video, another featuring Doug the Pug, another featuring Demi Lovato, and a remix of the song featuring Migos).

The song itself has already proven to be very divisive on social media, with many longtime fans finding it hard to adjust to this new single, which seems to be a step away from their traditional guitar-based sound. It’s filtered with more EDM than their typical rock tone and it has stirred warranted confusion. Some even say that it’s a cop out, that swapping instruments for a computer based melody isn’t the way to go but who’s to say the rest of the album will be the same?

One thing is for sure, Mania signals the start of a new era for Fall Out Boy. With nothing else yet being revealed for the album – even the track listing is missing from iTunes – it’s all down to hope and speculation. As for the purple theme, bassist Pete Wentz pointed out that it is a way to break away from the existing blue-red-blue-red-blue-red pattern of the albums so far, and, for better or for worse, it seems like things are about to get very different.

Mania will be available from 15th September 2017, and is available to preorder now.