Broadside - Hidden Colors
5.0Overall Score

Broadside have quite a lot to live up to, their 2015 release Old Bones was something to marvel over in the terms of pop punk. There was something fresh about them that they could bring to the table and that included a vocalist that could genuinely hold a tune, rather than spending a whole album shouting.

Puzzle Pieces, the first single released from Broadside’s upcoming album Paradise, held a lot of promise though and held that distinct sound that everyone easily fell in love with whilst listening to Old Bones. There seems to be a theme, however, with Paradise thus far – two singles in – that resonates in positivity and isn’t about escaping our hometowns but instead just enjoying what we have and striving for the best regardless.

The positivity shown in the first single seeps freely into the second single Hidden Colours, which, from it’s opening notes, is already incredibly upbeat and sure to put a smile on your face. There are a few piano notes quite quickly into the song that give it a more pop-radio feel but it’s welcomed, it takes the edge off of the guitars – not that there is much to begin with – but it makes the track more approachable, especially to those coming into the genre for the first time. Or just a nice change for Broadside fans to have something that much more summer-oriented that you could dance to at a cookout.

It’s clear in the lyrics that this song is about a love interest; ‘If I could paint you like one of my french girls, would we make love inside your car’, it’s also a clear shout to the famous scene from the movie Titanic, one of the most well-known love stories out there and it comes as an ode to a woman, who is seen as ‘perfect, on more than the surface’ that they wish to ‘hang up like art’.

There’s a potent message toward the end of the song, that is something notable considering you’d find a lot of people singing about women in a less than favourable light. However, this song is very much on the emphasis that women, shouldn’t be valued by her looks but instead the way she strives and succeeds; ‘If you ask me what beautiful means; it’s the power of a strong woman, chasing her own dreams.’

Though the song, overall, is pretty simple with no truly complex guitar and though it sticks quite true to that signature Broadside sound, it’s just a damn good song. It’s an explosion of colour from the moment the song starts until it draws to a close, it’s matched perfectly in the video too, nothing really hidden about it considering the song title. As far as Broadside songs go, especially with it’s ode to women and uplifting them even if they’re struggling with some insecurities – almost like it’s a stronger and more eloquent ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ – it’s one of their absolute best and a true promise for the rest of their album to come.