Inspired by artists such as Deaf Havana and Sleeping With Sirens, I Divide are a five-piece Rock band from Exeter, England. They combine deep guitar sounds and fast drums with powerful and refined vocal lines that will stick in your head, forcing you to listen over and over.

Getting into the final eight of the Red Bull Bedroom Jam 2012 gave the band the opportunity to play at several major UK festivals, including Download Festival, which they returned to this year. Winning the competition gave the group the chance to record an EP. ‘Follow Me’, one of the tracks featured on the release, was used as a single for their performance at Download Festival.

I Divide’s musical style is very similar to Young Guns’ early work; their use of catchy, minor guitar riffs, along with technically impressive drums and fills, drive fast-paced verses, before hitting choruses with impressively powerful vocals that really catch your attention. ‘Follow Me’, though very similar to their previous releases, is a satisfying song, but requires a lot of attention to the detail that differentiates it from their other work.

The piece contains a quality pre-chorus with catchy vocals that show off more of singer Tom Kavanagh’s remarkable range, before group harmonies prepare you for the simple, yet pleasing chorus. Though sporting a typical and generic breakdown, this section quickly subsides before returning to the final and most impressive chorus of the piece.