Troye Sivan - My My My!
5.0Overall Score

It’s been a short while since anyone has heard so much as a peep from Troye Sivan. After a relentless run of the Blue Neighbourhood era, things had went a little quiet. The album itself was released just over two years ago and the only recent music released was a remix of Blue Neighbourhood’s WILD featuring Alessia Cara. It’s safe to say that new music from Sivan has been hotly anticipated.

The wait is finally over, however, as Troye Sivan released My My My! today. There’s an instant vibe akin to The 1975, using a similar synth intro for the track but it quickly switches into something quintessentially Sivan. There is that slow, low, vocal that everyone would be used to but there’s such a quick melody backing it that makes the song a little more upbeat. Really it’s a great club anthem, with the recipe for a hit track – a great beat, a catchy repetitive chorus and most importantly, it’s perfect to dance to.

Speaking on a the chorus, the shouts of My My My! are anthemic, it’s very easy to imagine a room full of fans yelling that back. Lyrically, overall, it’s a lot more grown up. There are sexual undertones through the second verse; ‘go slow, go fast, you like it just as much as me’. While it is still a long about love, it is much less regarding the young romance and heartbreak we’ve heard from Sivan before and it’s much more raw.

From start to finish it’s simply a great track, the synth throughout gives it a more 80’s vibe which is something regaining a lot of popularity and it’s easy to see this track climbing mainstream charts soon.

Watch the video for My My My! below: