Festival season means carefully calculating clashes and deciding who you’d rather catch in a day full of incredible music. Disrupt Festival offers a different take on that, this year, turning the typical festival feel on it’s head by allowing every band to play a full set with no clashes to be found. That means you never have to chose between your favourites and you never have to worry about missing your favourite song as you dash to another stage.

Still we wanted to highlight some of the artists playing this year who run in the ranks of incredible acts performing throughout the day.

Trophy Eyes
Hailing from Australia, Trophy Eyes breed a new brand of pop punk that blends in everything you also love about more modern emo. The American Dream, the bands most recent effort, was a triumph that gave us stadium worthy choruses that beg for fans to sing back. Their energy and eclectic song range makes them a perfect candidate to watch.

Four Year Strong
Coming from New England themselves, Connecticut is only a stones throw away from their stomping grounds. Four Year Strong have always been known for their high energy music that takes the anger of a heavy riff and blends it with upbeat vocals. They’re truly as ‘pop punk’ as it gets and are true veteran performers having been together for almost two decades. If you’re from the area and attending, it’s a chance you’re already a fan and will not want to miss.

Sleeping With Sirens
It’s been mostly quiet on the Sleeping With Sirens front as they work tirelessly on new music between tours. Their last album Gossip was a world away from what most grew listening to from the band but with growth always comes new sounds. Sleeping With Sirens however, have always been an incredible live act as not one member ever stops moving. They’re fun to watch and the perfect recipe to get a crowd hyped.

The Used
While The Used may have been doing this for a long time, they have honed their craft in such a beautiful way. With an extensive back catalogue, the band have music that speaks to everyone from nostalgia seekers to new age rockers. For those that have grown up listening to The Used and witnessed their progression as a band, they are the perfect headliner for the entire festival.

Disrupt Festival, overall, is sure to be a special event set to showcase the outstanding music of all performing without the risk of anyone being cut short or missed. Tickets are still available so get them fast, while you still can over at the official Rockstar Disrupt website.

We curated a playlist of some of our favourite songs from each artist playing throughout the day to get you ready: