The biggest festival of the year lands itself in Leeds and Reading in just a couple of months. The lineup continues to grow and it continues to be one of the best yet, with more diversity and spanning across more genres than ever. With such huge names and huge talent at this years event, you may need a little guidance on who to look forward to –  so we thought we’d help out with that.


Newcomers to the festival State Champs have flown right to the opening spot that Babymetal held in last years festival on main stage. It’s been a huge year for them, following their 2015 release of Around The World And Back and since they have gained a huge following that we’re sure will be jumping for joy at this opportunity for them. Get up early to catch them sharing some Secrets and singing about the finer things.

Coming off of a slot on a cruise ship, CHVRCHES are set to play pretty high on main stage this year. Fronted by the charismatic Lauren Mayberry, CHVRCHES have sprung back to the forefront, specifically gaining a lot of Paramore fans after they released a song ‘Bury It’ with vocalist Hayley Willams. They offer energetic synth-pop that is guaranteed to get you moving, especially if you’re one of those drunken festival goers.

Another opener to main stage and one for the indie fans of the attendees is Sundara Karma. With smooth vocals and sharply tuned guitars, they offer laid back tracks that are a perfect morning starter to your Leeds and Reading Festival this year. Some will get you dancing, Flame will have you bobbing your head to side to side, much like in their video but all in all they’re just one you can’t help but to enjoy.


Following the huge success of their lengthily titled I Like It When You Sleep…, The 1975 are set to headline the Radio 1/NME stage at this years festivities, though you can’t help but wonder if they’d be better suited headlining main stage instead. It’s been a huge year for the band, despite losing their drummer to a broken shoulder for a few months and being on the receiving end of not so nice words from certain critics, they have sold out performances in arenas and at huge festivals across the world. That’s just so far this year, coming in Winter is their biggest tour to date spanning across some of the biggest arenas in the UK. Their catchy indie-pop is the perfect way to end your day with their huge floor filling anthems to love, heartbreak and friendship.

Australian rockers Tonight Alive released an album this year by the name of Limitless which saw their sound take a huge turn. No longer are they presenting sugary sweet tracks like Starlight, they are gritty and raw with the likes of Human Interaction and How Does It Feel? They experimented with a few sounds on this album, which has boosted their live set to something spectacular as they’re pushed to translate these songs in near impeccable fashion. From what we’ve seen so far, it has worked and it makes them definitely one to watch on a stage as huge as Radio 1/NME this year.

Unless you’re completely tuned out to pop culture this year, then you would have heard of Ohio exports Twenty One Pilots. Their album Blurryface preached ‘this song will never be on the radio’ and while that particular one didn’t, many of them made it into the mainstream charts and are played repeatedly through your radio systems. You’ll probably be most familiar with Stressed Out but what is interesting to know is that this song on scrapes the surface of what Twenty One Pilots is capable of as a duo. Yes, there are only two of them and they will most likely bring their massive stage set up into the workings of this years Leeds and Reading festival to ensure that diehard fans and new watchers alike witness the best possible performance.


So far the pit is only set up on two days of the festival and opening one of those days is punk band SWMRS. They are definitely an acquired taste, the vocals specifically aren’t to everyone’s enjoyment but one thing is for sure their music is fun. Whether you seek them out, or watch them in passing, their infectious tracks about Miley Cyrus and repeated yells of ‘whoa oh’ in Figuring It Out will have you wanting to join in.

If you’re a 90’s kid, chances are you’ve heard of alternative band Third Eye Blind. They hit our speakers with the likes of Semi-Charmed Life and Jumper, the latter of which was featured in cover form in Jim Carey movie Yes Man. They were an old favourite to the kids growing up, discovering rock music for the first time and they continue to be one you look back on in nostalgia. They’re sure to draw in a big crowd and definitely one to get in on if you want to reminisce with like-minded people doing exactly the same.