On their first headline tour of the UK, Seahaven stormed stages in support of their latest release Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only which saw the band trade in their angst driven sound for a much more mellow and atmospheric sound. Frontman Kyle Soto was kind enough to spend some time talking to us about the new album after just waking up.

How are you finding this tour with Nai Harvest and Battle Lines?

It’s been great! I’m very very happy with the bill. The bands are cool, I really do enjoy those bands. It’s definitely a treat to listen and watch them every night.

Were you a fan of both bands before?

No, that’s the thing. I had never heard of either of them. Our manager sent over their stuff at different times and I loved both of them! I remember him showing me Battle Lines and I was just really excited about them. Nai Harvest too! It’s a cool package for a show.

This your first headline tour of the UK too, what made you feel like taking such a big step?

I think we just kind of had to do it. I don’t know if we were ready to do it. We put out this record and we just got home from a US run. So we figured before that, we’d go over to the UK. It’s definitely something we were all very nervous about it but it worked out great.

How have you found the reaction to Reverie Lagoon?

I had no idea what to expect but it’s definitely been good. It was a lot easier for people to understand the progression of it than I thought it would be for them. I’m sure there are people who don’t understand why it sounds the way it sounds. It’s just a mellower sound.

It was a massive departure from your earlier stuff, what made you want to go in that direction?

It was no concious decision, it was just where I was in that point and probably what I was listening to at that point as far as mellower music. All my favourite records are records that I can just lay in bed and get lost to and just have headphones in and disappear. I wanted to make that for somebody else.

Did you have any specific albums that you were listening to a lot during writing?

As far as real recently. A record that I really like to fall asleep to is a record called God Is Saying This To You by Kurt Vile. That’s a great record to fall asleep to. I was listening to a lot of In Rainbows by Radiohead, that record is so good.

One particularly surprising song is “Solar Eclipse” which features piano and trumpet. Who played what on this?

I’m playing the piano on it and then behind the piano is an organ which was played by Ben Brodin and that little trumpet part was by Ben again.

How was it just producing the album in Mike Mogis’ studio?

It was wild man! Obviously they’ve put out a lot of good and respectable music and to be there was crazy. It’s weird because at the same time because you have to work and focus on what you’re trying to do but at the same time you walk in and you think there’s so much good music that has been recorded in this room

Did you get the opportunity to hang out with Mike at all?

He was recording in the next room so I would see him all the time but as far as hanging out. He and I were in two separate rooms working 24 hours a day but he is a very nice guy.

How do you balance the heavier songs and lighter material in your live shows?

We’re still trying to figure it out. We’d love to play all new songs because that’s the closest thing to us at this point in time. Not that we don’t enjoy playing older songs. We’re just figuring out songs that we know people want to hear and if there are two songs we’re just trying to balance dynamics.

What made you release ‘Silhouette’ as the first taster from the album?

We listened through the songs and we felt that it was a good first impression because it wasn’t , we could have put out a different song and have made it not as ‘shocking’ but that wouldn’t be doing the album justice. This song feels like it shows what’s on the album so we put it out. It showed that the album was a bit more mellow and the production was cleaner. We felt it summed up the album a lot better.

What’s the song that briefly plays towards the end of that?

That’s a funny story – no one’s ever asked about that! I used to have an iPod touch with a voice recorder and I lost it or had it stolen but I had it for years. That recording is of my friend Ricky who is a great musician from Torrance and he has always written music but he’s never pushed it as much as I feel like he should, he’s always had the natural ability to sit down with a guitar and write really pretty songs. That song is one of the songs that I really enjoy by him. Years back, we were sitting on my friend Ryan’s porch and he was just sitting on the porch playing that song and I said we should record it. I wanted to put more of it in there but I took it from my iPod and cropped it into the song and after that point is when my iPod got stolen. What’s in ‘Silhouette’ is all I have left of that song. At least this way, even if it’s for a couple of seconds, people will be able to hear his stuff.

With that clip, it strangely tied in very closely with the lyrics and bridges between ‘Silhouette’ and ‘Wild West Selfishness’ perfectly. I could go on forever about that song.

There was quite a bit left off of the album as you had ‘Phantom Family’ and ‘Sleep Alone’. Did you have any more material left on the cutting room floor?

We put those on as b-sides on the ‘Silhouette’ 7″. There was those two and like two or three more, one of which got cut up into interlude things. Those two songs didn’t feel like they fit the record but we wanted to put them out anyway so we put them on the 7″ instead.