A month ago, pop punk outfit Grayscale dropped their newest offering Nella Vita through Fearless Records. What it displayed was a growth in sound that many may not have expected. While the album is very much rooted in Grayscale’s origin genre, Nella Vita brought the band into new territory as added synth pushed it further into pop than punk. That was certainly not a bad thing, Nella Vita is a triumph of progression that provided a catalogue of songs that are stellar front to back. It seemed only natural then to jump right into a tour and see how those fresh tracks would sound in a live setting.

That tour brought Grayscale to Boston’s Brighton Music Hall, a near 500 capacity venue that was packed to the brim with excited fans. Starting off strong, Grayscale take to the stage with In Violet and it’s quickly followed by single Baby Blue. This is the first taste of how huge the new album is live, though it has more of a pop feel on record it’s quintessentially how you’d expect Grayscale to be in a live setting. The juxtaposition of the two is what makes these new songs so special.

Falling into some older songs, vocalist Collin Walsh belts out Mum with the help of the crowd, treading in emotional water for a moment. It kicks back in for Painkiller Weather and flows into In My arms, a fast paced track that is perfect to dance to. The stage is alight with energy, it mirrors the crowd and invites the kind of chaos that comes with a pop punk show. Crowd surfers clamber on top of other crowd goers with extreme passion in their expressions, all wanting that chance to be noticed just for a second while they scream back the words.

While the older songs are still the most huge in terms of response for the night, Nella Vita still looks like the most promising era for Grayscale. Much like others in the genre, they have the recipe to become true juggernauts that in as many months could even be seen headlining in the likes of House of Blues. The overall upbeat sound to their music, clouds the often more sombre lyrics and it makes it entirely impossible to not just have fun while watching Grayscale. Big things are coming for them and it’s wholly well deserved.