WSTR and Seaway were the headlining acts that everyone was buzzing about on this late January evening in Manchester, but Diamond Days kicked the night off with a decent sound and a highly enthusiastic way about entertaining the crowd, with sing alongs and circle pits.

Up next was The Gospel Youth who played a belter of a set, their energy was intense, jumping around the stage and having the lyrics screamed back at them. They displayed their single The Miles We Are Apart and spoke about their new album Tired Eyes and Heavy Hearts Always Lose, which is set to be released later on this year.

WSTR were up next and what an epic performance from the Liverpool lads, quickly starting their set with the Eastenders theme song sung by grunting snippets by Phil Mitchell the crowd were bounding with excitement. They just unleashed their new album Red, Green Or In-between and played a handful of songs from it, the venue was manic, crowd surfers left right and centre and a roadie jumping into the crowd from side stage. Graveyard Shift was one of their last songs before Seaway emerged onto the stage and it was surprising how the crowd had any energy left after all of that jumping about.

Seaway casually walked onto the stage and jumped right in with Slam, proceeding to perform a bunch of tracks from their album Colour Blind. The fans would not stop crowd surfing and throwing themselves onto the stage, it was just waves upon waves of people! Lead singer Ryan Locke hopped onto the barrier and leaned into the crowd to share an intimate moment with all of the Canadian bands fans, everyone joined together and yelled the lyrics back to the boys. This was just a warm up tour for whats yet to come this year when Seaway go on tour with Simple Plan.