As far as political bands go, Rise Against are at the top of the game. Their newest album Wolves is a triumph, so a tour to celebrate seems fitting and what a turnout at Newcastle’s O2 Academy for the band. Kicking things off is Sleeping With Sirens, a band that has drawn in their own chorus of fans for the night. They don’t necessarily fit with the heavy punk already on the lineup but they offer a little relief from the hard hitting tracks to allow people some time to dance as opposed to mosh. They’re energetic and quite the warm up, though there are some periods where a couple of the songs blend into one another and sound a little of the same.

Eventually it’s time for Rise Against to take to the stage. It’s chaotic in the best way, the type of chaotic that ramps up the atmosphere, giving it a vivacity that is unparalleled. Vocalist Tim McIlrath is passionate and intense as he sings, bouncing across the stage as he does so. A megaphone is pulled out pretty early on in the set, it almost seems as if he’s announcing to a congregation of protestors and it’s powerful, just as their music is. The band as a whole are strong, performing with such vigour and precision, everyone is hanging on every word and every note. Rise Against do what they do incredibly well and live they are allowed the space to really excel.

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