Jessie J has seemingly been absent from the UK since the release of her latest album R.O.S.E, even admitted herself that she didn’t promote the album as much as she could’ve done. Instead the English singer has been overseas in China to compete in a talent show for artists who already have industry experience, and became the first international winner of the contest. Not to mention breaking out some success in the USA. Hopefully this UK run will remind us all what a forgotten gem we have.

Her down to earth nature shone through in between every track, everyone knows Jessie J is a talker, she says exactly what she thinks. This night is going to be filled with “some songs you like and some you don’t, so it’s basically like life in musical form.”

‘Do It Like A Dude’ had a more mature spin on the instrumentals, what normally comprised of electronic beats was replaced with pianos and guitars, giving Jessie J chance to showcase her vocal range in an near stripped back performance. It’s clear that to a lot of the fans in attendance, the older tracks like ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ and ‘Who You Are’ strike an important chord which Jessie J understands too, finding a crowd sign that read; “You saved my life” and telling them they saved their own life she was just the “backing track.”

Made famous on the Pitch Perfect 2 Movie Soundtrack, the abridged version of ‘Flashlight’ is another track that might have slipped under some casual fans’ radars as a Jessie J original. But as quick as it starts its over to make room to showcase her R.O.S.E tracks and as she goes through the setlist, it almost feels like a story in motion. Each section of songs accompanied with a costume change represents the four parts of her album R.O.S.E; Realisations, Obsessions, Sex and Empowerment.

Her casual attitude exudes confidence on the stage, doing as she wishes; the audience received a cover of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ just because she really wanted to play it. And most of the time saying what pops into her head; “I’m not drinking urine, this is tea.” As she picks up her see-through beaker. And she’s not afraid to bear some truths; before ‘Price Tag’ she explains how she left this track to last just so everyone had no choice but to stick around until the very end. But the singer left such an impression even after the first section, you’d be crazy not to have witnessed until the very end. This UK run has not only reminded everyone what a powerhouse vocalist and a more matured songwriter Jessie J is but how captivating a performer and entertainer she is both when the music is and isn’t playing.

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