Situated right across from Fenway Park, Boston’s premiere venue, the House Of Blues, played host to Los Angeles synth-pop trio LANY over the weekend to the tune of two highly acclaimed sold out stints. If you haven’t heard the name LANY, you may have heard at least one of their songs ILYSB which made radio airwaves and was just a taste of the upbeat melodies and awfully catchy choruses that the band has to offer.

Since the release of ILYSB, LANY have since toured extensively across the globe and released one of the most intimate and beautiful albums in recent years, Malibu Nights. This ties in with their set up for the night, which is simply a podium that spans the length of the stage and projects visuals. The first of which ties in nicely with the album as it displays ‘Malibu Nights’ against a static VHS background, throwing back to the 90’s. Vocalist Paul Klein matches that 90’s vibe as he bounds onto the stage, hair styled and coloured like he belongs as a member in one of those classic boybands.

It seems clear from the beginning that Klein is the face of the band. Their drummer (Jake Goss), guitarist (Les Priest) stand atop the podium while Klein parades around the main part of the stage alone under a spotlight. All eyes are on him but he manages to make it work. With an undeniable charisma, he commands the attention of the sold out crowd with unfathomable ease from the second he springs into Thick and Thin. The venue vibrates with the screams of those awaiting and Klein is showered in a flurry of red roses and petals thrown to him by fans below.

“I want to come down there with you guys,” are all Klein needs to announce for the crowd to erupt with deafening screams. He then begins ‘If You See Her’, leaving fans apprehensive with eyes following him wondering where he will hop in among them. Klein eventually picks the middle, wading through the hoards with hands reaching out for him like something right out of a zombie movie. Only there are no dead eyes or moans, everyone is alive, alert and begging for a moment with the vocalist as he finishes the song singing along with those around him.

What’s important to note as the set goes on is that LANY put a lot of heart into their live show. While at first the set up seems simple, each visual projected is meticulously matched to the track or the vision the band had in mind for that particular performance. Taking Me Back is in a karaoke style, each word lighting up as Klein sings, urging fans to sing along. Not that they need much encouragement but it’s a nice touch that feels like a connection is being forged between the band and their fans.

It’s abundantly clear that LANY are the kind of band that sing sad songs that sound perhaps all too happy. Their lyrics candidly display what it’s like to go through the loss and heartache of a break up, as well as how hard it can be to move on. While they may not be hugely relatable to the younger fans, the passion and gusto the band put into each performance of the song, really does spark something in everyone.

What LANY has is a recipe for success and it’s clear, as they ring in the end of two sold out shows with a bow and deafening applause from the crowd, that they have really hit on something incredible. It won’t be long surely until LANY grace the stages of arenas with surely more of those beautifully heartbreaking songs that do so well for them.