Sleeping With Sirens is without a doubt one of those bands you can’t help but enjoy. No matter your pre-conceptions of them as people, their fans or of their music, what you’ll find at their live show is unabashed energy and songs with infectiously catchy pop rock beats that leave you with the inability to stand still.

It has been just under a whole year since Sleeping With Sirens embarked on the UK leg of their colossal world tour with Pierce The Veil and this time around there are some notable changes. For one, there is an absence of bassist Justin Hill, who released a statement before the tour to say due to family matters he’d be staying home. Second, their set list, which was compiled of more Madness than ever, tracks from that album that is, featuring songs that hadn’t been heard on the last UK tour. Lastly the set production, with stands pebbled with bulbs lighting up in unison with the beat of each song, or lighting the simplicity of ‘Go Go Go’ during its chorus. These aren’t huge changes of course but they do stand out as to why it doesn’t matter who they tour with, they still put together an incredible show.


Singer Kellin Quinn has come leaps and bounds since their first visit to UK shores, quite literally. Once shy, his energy onstage now is unparalleled. Even when in one spot, mic stand in hand, he continues to rock back and forth almost erratically. Specifically, for high intensity track Kick Me that same energy is prevalent across the stage, through every member, leaving you with something to marvel at with every part of the song.

It’s something that keeps up for most of the set until Gold and The Strays both anthems for people going through a tough time. Gold is about reassuring you that it’s never too late to fix mistakes, while The Strays follows by telling listeners you’re not alone. If nothing else, this song strikes a cord the most as it’s at a concert where most teenagers feel like they belong, surrounded by like-minded people screaming along to the same songs with you.


The encore for the night consisted of three songs, all of which are huge Sleeping With Sirens tracks. Do It Now, Remember It Later, Satellites and If You Can’t Hang. They’re the last blow out of the night that give the band a final chance to make the show completely memorable. It definitely does that justice, it’s just a wonder what Sleeping With Sirens will do next following their acoustic album. We can only hope it’ll be another jam packed performance of pure Madness that took over Manchester’s O2 Apollo.