State Champs are at the top of their game right now, when it comes to pop punk. Some may say it’s a dying genre, that it is synonymous only with the nostalgic bands of pop punk history like Blink 182. However, State Champs are out to prove the genre is still thriving and is alive and well.

Supporting were As It Is, a band who recently released a new album with a heavy 50’s aesthetic. They’re a band who has come leaps and bounds as far as their technical ability, they sounds stronger and stronger with each tour they embark on. Their set was compiled of old favourites and, of course, plenty of new tracks but there is a distinct difference between the two. As far as performance goes, they’re still as energetic as ever, when you think of pop punk you imagine a lot of jumping and As It Is offer up just that. It’s entertaining to say the least.

State Champs’ long awaited appearance onstage comes paired with the Paramount Movie intro, like what you’re about to see is too good to be true. They then burst into a rendition of Hard To Please and it’s somewhat of an oxymoron, as the audience are rather easily pleased, all too thrilled to beĀ involved with the onslaught of crowdsurfing, head-banging all to the tune of pop punk anthems. There is a moment during the set where the band take it acoustic, when only singer Derek and guitarist Tyler are left onstage. They perform Stick Around with phone lights guiding them through every second and it’s followed quickly by If I’m Lucky. It’s particularly special as the band performed it half in acoustic and the rest with the full band joining him, it gave the song entirely new life and was truly a highlight of the set.