Waterparks have released a brand new music video for their song ‘We Need To Talk’. The track comes from their most recent album ‘Entertainment’, released earlier this year.

Unlike the rather upbeat feel of the song, sans some of the lyrics, the video is pretty dark. The concept toys with death and necromancy and how they link to love, showing how it can sometimes turn you into a literal zombie.

We Need Talk also offers visuals that tie into the last video, Not Warriors/CRYBABY as you see a female trip over a bundle of VHS tapes strewn across the floor just as Awsten did. It also teases the closet of flowers, though in this video it is never actually opened.

Waterparks are out on Warped Tour for the entire summer, where fans can probably hear We Need To Talk in a less creepy setting. Remaining Warped Tour dates are here and the video can be seen above.