cxt8pjkxgaaxh50London based indie outfit Gengahr are back with a much anticipated UK tour with support from Caro at select dates.

Most of their recent UK appearances have been either select one off shows, acoustic sets or DJ sets at small festivals and events around London.

If you have yet to listen to the band, they’re best described as psychedelic as Animal Collective but massively laid back and gentle in comparison.

The latest tour gets about as true to a ‘UK tour’ as it can get. It covers a substantial amount of UK soil with a massive 19 dates.

These dates span from standard cities you find on a tour poster such as Bristol, London and Manchester to less common places such as Ramsgate, Bedford and Hull amongst many others.

Whilst the London and Bristol shows are now sold out, the sheer number of shows gives fans an ample number of chances to catch them at a date.

The tickets are available here, so get your tickets before you miss out on them!