Burgeoning singer-songwriter Kahli Jade has already started her career with a head start, performing at massive events such as The Fringe Festival and Blended Festival, as well as gathering attention in the industry when she released her debut single “Gold” in 2019. The smooth R&B single was followed by dancey, expertly-produced “Unsteady” earlier this year, which only further proved Kahli Jade’s talent and versatility. 

Now, with her second single in 2020, Kahli Jade further adds to her ever-expanding catalog with catchy pop gem “Vanity”. Out independently, the track, produced by Riley Smith, is undoubtedly her most exciting release to date. Smooth analog synths and organic percussion kick off the single, leaving space for Kahli Jade’s angelic vocals to shine, while the chorus introduces a playful beat and shimmery chords, while the artist’s vocal lines sound as bright and alive as ever. 

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