Pale Waves - All The Things I Never Said
3.5Overall Score

They were once quite the enigma, but Manchester’s Pale Waves have gone from zero to sixty in what feels like no time at all. With help from label mates The 1975, the four-piece have shot to stardom and now have a diehard following worldwide— to the point where some fans even share the small, boxy heart tattoo that the band all have inked in to their skin. The combination of thrilling live shows and a handful of huge singles have made Pale Waves the ones to watch in 2018 and beyond, certified by their recent win in the Under The Radar category at the NME Awards. Now gearing up for the release of their first EP, there seems to be nothing stopping this dreamy pop outfit.

Pale Waves have received a lot of flak since they shot to fame, most notably centred around the fact that their songs “sound all the same” and that lead singer Heather Baron-Gracie is “just a female Matty Healy”. Neither of this points stand true— their tracks will have a resemblance to one another since they are in fact the same band, and Baron-Gracie is in no way comparable to Healy because she is her own person. The band themselves have fought against these claims, and hopefully this release will put the critics to rest.

The songs on All The Things I Never Said will be nothing new to eager fans unfortunately, as they have all been released as singles since November and have been part of the band’s live set for some time now. In any case, it’s a nicely rounded 4-track release that fans will still clamour to have in their iTunes libraries, and is the perfect introduction for anyone who is only recently getting in to the band.

From the very get-go with opener ‘New Year’s Eve’, it’s evident that Pale Waves mean business. Across the board they have intricately beautiful lyrics and romantic melodies that make for an excellent delivery on each and every track. ‘The Tide’ with its huge pop chorus, ‘My Obsession’ with its mildly creepy but deadly catchy words, and ‘Heavenly’ which has been a fan favourite for some time all play in to making Pale Waves a fierce contender for the charts. Baron-Gracie, backed by drummer Ciara Doran, guitarist Hugo Silvani and bassist Charlie Wood, is no doubt going to be the voice of a generation— if she’s not already, that is.